The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 33

Monday, September 4th, 11:15 AM

Wilton, IA


Evan placed his iPhone on the picnic table. He smiled. Had been nice speaking to Dad, Mom-Kyleigh and Matti. Sure, Dad still wasn’t comfortable with this whole Dana tour thing, but he was becoming more accepting of it, at least in the search for truth in all of this.

And at least the scholarship was yet in place, soon as Dana’s tour was finished.

The call to Freddy was still on his mind too. But Fred was the man. He knew what to do. He had not and was not about to post any photos of Neraeh and himself on any social media sites. Not even Snapchat.

Evan picked up his phone and held it, pressing, touching the sides and screen, thinking.

And of course his wandering thoughts went right to Syrrah.

But he didn’t want to watch her videos again; it was practically killing him each time.

He placed his phone back on the table. He looked around. The nearby canopy-covered picnic table was void of any people. In fact, all the picnic tables around him were now empty. This was a nice, relaxing spot. Fresh air. Sunlight. Mild 70s temps. He looked out onto I-80, some three hundred yards away. Not much traffic now. He gazed up the hill to his left, toward the parking area where their bus was parked next to the rest area building. A few of Dana’s roadies were walking around up there, but they weren’t heading down his way. He was essentially alone.

The temptation to watch those videos was nudging him again.

But wait. Another idea arose in his mind.

He picked up his backpack from the picnic table’s cement floor and unzipped the middle zipper. He slipped his hand inside and then unzipped the small inner pocket. He put his fingers within until feeling the clump of hair. He looked up again, to see if anyone was coming, like Greg, who seemed in need to follow him everywhere. But no one was approaching. He brought the hair up in front of his eyes and took it all in. He felt the fine, fragile strands with his fingers, and smelled the soft, lingering scent of perfume or hair spray, and then held the hair closer to his face. He closed his eyes and gently brushed the hair strands across his eyelids, across his cheeks, and then across his lips. He opened his eyes and gazed at the hair again, the strands sparkling lightly from sunlight reflecting off nearby surfaces.

A buzzing tone vibrated near his leg. He jolted. It buzzed again and he quickly realized Art was calling.

He placed the hair strand back in the inner pocket and removed the Unihertz from its own separate pocket in his backpack. He swiped the password and entered the screen to press the answer icon. He held the small phone by his ear. “Hey, Art.”

“You’re in Iowa.”

“Yes, that’s right. Wilton, Iowa. A rest area.”

“And it’s good to talk now?”

Evan scanned all around him, even into the woods, but he still didn’t see anyone. “Yes. It should be fine.”

“Read your message. Here is what Kamal and I determined, after accessing unblocked information and extrapolating our friend’s account of the transfer. We believe Lloyd knows General Tauring. They have some sort of acquaintance or association, due to Lloyd’s prior military background, that was probably unknown to most people in the entertainment industry and to the original Dana herself. And further, we believe Lloyd was most likely there during the transfer. Syrrah of course didn’t want this, but even Dana backed out last minute. But Limati forced it ahead anyway.”

“Limati? Really?”

“Yes. But possibly because Limati has a long-term plan.”

“Yeah. That could be.”

“They wanted someone obscure, living out in the country, far away from LA and Vegas. And your group MOTC never published any names, but, the story itself is still on the website. Points of concern. The description of the underground base, the maglev train system, and the accident-suicide of Syrrah, although her name goes unmentioned. These could all be deemed suspect by Lloyd.”

“What about Carter, and maybe even Hal?”

“I’m having difficulty breaking through, Evan. The block by the involved EBEs is strong. I am not sure of their involvement, but overall sense from your interaction with them that yes, they too are involved.”

“And what about my other question, these extraterrestrials finding out who I am, and alerting Lloyd, Carter and Hal?”

“Yes. I know. And that is where I come in. I am blocking their ability to do this. Like I mentioned before, your extra strength, and your healing. My interaction with your life force combined with those good-willed entities working with us. So, do not worry of this. But, that does not mean those three stooges can’t find out on their own, so keep that in mind.”

Evan laughed. “Okay. I see. You’re protecting me, that’s your focus, but you are limited in what you can do to stop them.”

“Yes. Limited. Though not completely useless in this regard. But your concern about the Twitter rumors is justified.”

“Oh, no. Yeah. I kind of figured.”

“It doesn’t help Frank Ragno put that video out there, suggesting you didn’t say Zypher, but something else. Dana’s Twitter fans have poured gasoline on that fire, so to speak, and made it spread.”

“Darn. How much time do you think I have then?”

“Can’t say for sure, but I’m feeling a week or more, until things get rough.”

“A week or more, huh? What the heck. I’ll just have to persevere no matter what, then.”

“Yes. But I’m looking out for you, constantly, keep in mind.”

“Thank you, Art. What about Dana’s sudden pain episode, after I am quite sure she was about to say she was from Minnesota?”

“Again. Not able to completely ascertain the involved EBE’s interaction. But I wouldn’t put it past them. However, my overall sense tells me no, that this is a microbial-based disease Dana is suffering from. The sudden pain was probably only a coincidence.”

“That’s good, I guess. I hate to see her in pain though.” Evan sighed. “I…I want so much to be with her, Art. You have no idea.”

“Oh…yes I do.”

“And I don’t even care that she’s older than me, not at all. But she is so wealthy, so famous. And I just don’t see how anyone living such a life, if this truly is Syrrah…”

“And it is.”

“Well, yeah. But if so, why would she want to return to a normal person’s life again, if given a donor’s body or something, regardless of the pain she’s in? You should see how fans and paparazzi completely flock to her.”

“Wealth, and fame, are not everything. Human companionship, human relationships, are so much more. And how we perceive ourselves in this world.”

“Yes. I know. I’m not saying I want to quit. I’ll definitely stay until Minneapolis, if not longer.” Evan paused and thought a moment. “Or, should we have Neraeh meet with Dana before then?”

“No. It would be best to keep things on schedule. But Evan, you must guard as best you can any access to your iPhone. Lloyd, and even Carter, Hal, must never get access to it.”

“Yeah…those videos.”

“Yes. The ones you cannot stop watching.”

Evan laughed a little. “I know, believe me.”

But Art didn’t laugh. “Your obsession with her is troubling.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know the old saying. If you love someone, you must set them free.”

Well, that felt like a bad kick in the gut. He sighed. “Yeah, yeah. I know. But if I didn’t have this intense longing for her, I wouldn’t be here right now, on Dana’s tour.”

“True. But you must learn to distance yourself from the situation. Yes, be a part of the entire process, but don’t completely immerse yourself so much that you cannot see or think clearly to obtain the final goal. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I suppose. But, the final goal?”

“To bring Dana to a comfort level so that she will confide in us what happened to her and what she wants to do at this point with her life. Our ultimate goal is to help her.”

“Sure. That makes sense, that’s good.”

“And Evan, there is something else.”

“Tell me.”

Art didn’t speak for some seconds. “You need to be prepared. I don’t know all the details, but the large involvement of positive spiritual forces with us means something important, significant is up ahead, although it could become disturbing if not careful. You need to keep as pure, as sin-free as you can.”

“Oh…so besides setting her free, I should not act out on my desire, or things could get rough.”

“Yes, something like that. I think you know what I mean.” Commotion of some sort and talking could be heard in the background. “Evan. I need to go. Good-bye for now, and take care.” 

“You too Art. Talk to you later.”

Evan ended the call.

He felt so drained. And so tired. He looked around the nearby area again, but thankfully still didn’t see anyone nearby. Greg probably just didn’t check over here.

He looked at the time on his phone. He still had fourteen minutes left before Lou the bus driver wanted all of them back onboard.

He put the Unihertz back in his backpack but kept his phone on the table. He slumped forward and rested his head on his crossed arms on the table. Damn. He trusted Art more, but still had lingering thoughts. CIA? Or MIB, or worse? Yet, regardless, was Art really correct, was Syrrah really, truly within Dana? “It sounds too good to be true,” he spoke quietly to himself. “And even if she is, they have probably merged now, a Syrrah and Dana sum.”

Sadness swept through him. He closed his eyes.

Savior, please, hear me. Forgive me for my sins, and please, help me. I’m so in love with Syrrah, and I think now even with Dana, but…I don’t know what to do, or how to handle this. Please, help me, and please help me to help her too. Amen.