The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 41

Sunday, September 24th, 3:20 AM

Minneapolis, MN


He was there again.

Evan watched as the Collector, the Savior contemplated bringing Limati over to the Heaven realm. The Savior finally claimed how his forgiveness was boundless, and Limati could exist here, but only after spending time in the containment zone, wherever that was, to become more trustworthy.

Then those last words were exchanged. Evan could hear them again, this time almost word for word. The Savior spoke “…you must also correct the terrible wrong you commenced. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” Limati said. “I understand. I will correct the wrong.”

The Parent protested, but the Savior ignored its pleas.

Not soon after, the Savior reached out, grasped Limati, and in a sweeping arc, brought the being over to Heaven, where upon landing, beautiful Syrrah appeared before Evan.

Syrrah stared at him for a while and then she spoke. “Evan. Your phone. You need to check your phone.”

Confusion tripped through his mind. “What? My phone? What do you mean? This is Heaven!” 

She only stared back, with those green eyes, yet the eyes of someone else, not the beautiful, sweet, innocent Syrrah from the videos he adored, but of Limati, the tall, lizard-like creature. 

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

He awoke. His iPhone was practically buzzing itself off the end table to crash onto the floor.

He reached over and took hold of the phone, the charger still attached. He brought the screen in front of his face. It was only 3:24 AM.

But then he saw the message icon. He swiped to enter. Chella had texted him. He could only see the most recent text immediately, but she had sent a total of ten, and she had even tried calling three times. Why? What did she want?

He read the most recent.

          I’m coming to your room. Please answer the door.

No sooner had he finished reading and knocking pounded on their motel room’s door.

And then it pounded again.

“What the hell?” Greg spoke in a groggy tone, from his bed across the room. “Who is that?”

Evan sat up. “Sorry, bro. It’s Chella. Not sure what she wants, but earlier at the party, she wanted me to take her to our room.”

“Aww shit, dawg. You a player.”

She knocked on the door again. “Evan!” Sounded like she was yelling, from out in the hallway. “Please. Hurry!”

He rushed over to the door and opened it.

Chella’s eyes were tear-filled red, her countenance very distraught.

“What is it, Chella? What’s wrong?”

“Dana. She’s in the hospital. And she’s in critical condition.”