The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 49

Wednesday, September 27th, 10:04 AM

Minneapolis, MN


She felt him force his hand, then his entire arm under her bent knees and in a fast, tight motion wrap his other arm around her back. Before she could think what was happening, he had her on the bed, on her back.

He forced both her hands onto her abdomen and lay on top of her. “Don’t mean to be rough, but can’t trust you now.” He quickly clamped one hand over her forehead and his other hand over her mouth, tightly. He pressed down on top of her but rested more of his weight to her left side. He squeezed the sides of his arms against the sides of her head and shoulders. He wrapped his legs around her legs, preventing her from moving them at all. She could barely breathe. She felt like in a straitjacket.

She tried to struggle free, but it was pointless. He was way stronger than he should be. This was not normal. Her breathing increased, her ribs expanding against his hold, but she could only breathe through her nose. She yelled out, “Please, no, let me go, please Evan!” but her attempted speech came out only as muffled noise.

“Shhh, baby,” he said quietly. “Listen to me. I’m sorry, so sorry, I’m treating you like this, but I don’t want you screaming. I don’t want you yelling now. It’s bad enough we already both yelled a few times, banged things around. We can’t have that. We both know, you, me, we are in danger now. We can’t draw attention. It would be the worst thing right now, okay? So, please, please, Dana. If I remove my hand, from your mouth, please. No screaming. No yelling. Just please, baby, tell me, why you attacked me. Please. Nod yes, if you will do this. Okay, Dana?”

His eyes were so close now. Black. Intense. Yet, concerned. But not cruel. Not evil. But if pushed, he was dangerous. He must have wiped his tears away, because they were gone, though his whites showed evidence of being blood-shot. Blood from his cut neck was dripping upon her. What had she done to him? There was no other choice. And besides, he was right about the noise. She nodded yes.

“Okay. But if you yell out, I’ll put my hand right back over your mouth. Do you understand?”

She nodded again. Her breathing was getting more difficult. She was shaking even more though his tight hold was suppressing its fierceness.

He removed his hand.

“Please, Evan, please don’t hurt me.” Panic influenced her words. “I’m…I’m having trouble…breathing.”

He stared calmly into her eyes. “I know you are, baby. I’ll loosen my grip a little, but I still cannot trust you enough yet.” He leaned over more to her left side and widened the placement of his arm on her other side. But he kept his one hand clamped on her forehead. “Try to relax. You are breathing, but scared.”

“Please, Evan, please don’t hurt me. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I hurt you.” Tears overflowed from her eyes. “Please.”

“Shhh, baby.” He let out a soft sigh. “Dana. I would never, ever hurt you, at least not intentionally. I feel horrible right now that I probably did, blocking your fight. I am so sorry too.”

She blinked several times, making the tears slow. But her nose was running. She felt self-conscious, but she could not wipe her nose, with her hands caged away by his body. She tried to breathe calmly. She eyed the cut on his neck, though it was hard to see fully from her position and her lingering tears. “You’re bleeding. Are you all right?” 

“Only a surface wound. Didn’t think I could block that, huh? I’m too good, baby, just too good. You’ll just have to put up with my blood all over you and on this bed.” He stared into her eyes. His dark stare, so close now, was powerfully hypnotic. “Dana. Tell me why you attacked me.”

She could breathe easier, with his lessened clamp around her body, but his closeness was increasing her breathing in another manner. She whimpered quietly, from the pain in her body. Not the pain he did, but the fibro pain she always experienced. “Evan.” She tried slowing this new increased breathing but couldn’t. She swallowed. “I need to know,” she said in nearly a whisper. “I need to know. Please.”

His eyes drew perplexed. “What, baby? Tell me.”

“Your phone. In the bathroom.” Her eyes were still leaking tears, though less. All of this was just too much to bear. Her sinuses and throat hurt. “I saw it, that video.” 

His eyes widened. “Oh…shit.” He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. “I’m so sorry.”

“S-s-sorry, about what?” She couldn’t help but tremble more.

He opened his eyes. He moved his hand off her forehead until placing his hand around the top of her head, by the pillow. With his other hand he wedged underneath her until embracing around her back. “I’m right here, Dana. I’m not going to hurt you, baby. Are you all right? You’re shaking more. Are you cold?”

She closed her eyes. “No. Not cold.” This new straight-jacket embrace, locking her in even further without a fraction of an inch to move, was feeling good, and it wasn’t supposed to feel good. “Evan. Please. Just tell me, what you are sorry about.” 

“Dana. Look at me.”

She opened her eyes.

“You weren’t supposed to find out like this. Not like this. I was going to tell you, eventually.”

She suddenly realized Neraeh, Mom, and Dad could be taken down, at any second. “You have no idea who you’re messing with.” More, intense panic began building. That difficult, air-restricted breathing ramped up. She struggled against his cement-block clamp around her. “Let me go. Let me go!”

His dark eyes intensified a penetrating stare into her soul. “Dana. Stop. Please!” He tightened his vise-like grip around her again. “I know what you’re thinking, but they are all right. They’re being protected…by supernatural, or spiritual, forces, however you want to describe them. Neraeh, yes Neraeh, is being protected, as is your mother and father.”

Confusion circled in her mind and thoughts. “No…no…how could you…how could you possibly…you have no idea, the forces, the creatures involved in this. You have no idea…no idea, what I know.” 

“No, Dana.” His voice came deep, intense. He leaned closer, until near her ear. “You, my dear, have no idea what I know. Believe me, it doesn’t even compare.”

Those words. From Hal. And the reporter. “Are you…are you possessed?”

“Dana, please.” He lifted his head so she could see his eyes. His eyes showed concern and kindness, though he didn’t budge a bit to release his tight hold. “I only want to protect you, and help you. That is all I ever wanted with you.”

“You’re not…you didn’t…answer…my question. I’m…I’m scared, Evan.”

“Those same good forces, supernatural forces, are helping me. I’ve been noticing it, for a while. My speed. Strength. It’s different, much better. But they’re only good, Dana, nothing bad.”

This still didn’t sound right. “What the hell is going on here? What could be doing this to you?”

“A man, several men, good men, with powers. And the one, you switched with. They are all helping us.”

“What?” Her breath caught in her throat. “No, no…how could you…how could you…know?” She closed her eyes and began to cry again. “There’s no way you could know all of this.”

He released his hand from around her head. He moved until he lay on his right side, allowing her hands to be unrestricted. With his free arm and left leg, he wrapped her against the front of his body, holding her close, yet not in the same tight, straitjacket manner. “Dana. I’m right here. You are safe with me.”

She lost her ability to fight him. It was gone. Her arms were free to move now. She wiped her eyes and nose and gently slid one hand across his black T-shirt, by his chest. 

He drew her even closer, until her head rested near his heart. “Dana, baby. Please. Listen.”

“I am, Evan.”

“Please. Tell me…tell me who you really are.”

She pressed her head closer against his chest. She could smell, and feel the wetness from the blood from his neck, but she didn’t care. She could hear his heart pounding. She wrapped her hand around his back.

He in turn tightened his embrace again.

His heart. His heart was not evil. She could sense goodness, kindness, a caring nature. “Evan.”

“What baby? Tell me.”

“No, Evan, I can’t.”

“Please, baby. Tell me. You need to tell me.”

The trembling began taking over her body again.

He gently, slowly smoothed his palm up and down across her back. “Shhh, baby, just relax. Just tell me who you really are. We are being protected, and are safe now. You will just have to trust me, even though I know you may not believe me.”

She held on to him closer. The warmth of his body, the beating of his heart, she never wanted to leave his embrace. Her trembling subsided a little. “But I can’t, Evan. I just can’t. No one can be protected from them.”

“Oh, but you’re wrong, Dana.” He tightened his arms around her, but then relaxed his embrace slightly. “Well, okay. How about this. I know a story. I’ll tell you this story. You see, there were these two little girls. They were sisters. And they lived on a farm. And one day, well, there was this rumor at school, that a strange animal lived on the farm next to them. They weren’t supposed to go to this other farm, but they went anyway.”

Her breathing and pulse increased again. How could he know this? Yet she didn’t want to talk about it and remained quiet.

“It was the middle of winter. They had to trudge through a ton of snow to get there.”

She moved her head back away from his chest and looked into his eyes. “Uh, what?”

His dark irises stared deep into her gaze. “Did I say something wrong?”

She gave a half smile. “Whatever. Keep going.” She nuzzled against his chest again and realized the day this happened was so close to this day. The 27th

“Anyway, they snuck over to the barn where this strange animal resided. They were sneaky little girls.” He let out a short, quiet laugh. “And then the older girl looked inside the window of a barn. And, lo and behold, she saw it.” He stopped speaking.

She leaned back again to see him. “She saw what?”

He had the same intense stare. “You tell me.” 

“Umm, no. You tell me.”

“Dana.” He closed his eyes, and then opened them, but only half-way. No. He was giving that lethal bedroom gaze. And he was doing so while focusing on her lips. “We both know what happened.” His eyes opened wider and he locked into her gaze. “You saw that video, on my phone, that only Neraeh, yes Neraeh, had taken. And when I mentioned Neraeh just moments ago, you didn’t question who she was. You knew exactly who I was referring to.” He turned her body gently, until she was on her back again. He positioned himself on top of her, though not in that earlier crushing, straitjacket pressure, but only very close, and leaned his head over until near her right ear. “Now. We can keep playing this game, for a while, but I think…” The heat from his breath warmed, tingled her ear. She felt her will crumbling even more. “I think…the longer we remain as close as we are, the more likely…mmm…we will be getting into romantic trouble, if you know what I mean. And I’m not sure you want that. I mean, I know what I want, but I’m not sure it’s the same for you, baby.”  

It is, oh God it is, she screamed in her mind.  But no. NO! “Evan.” Her voice could barely rise over a whisper. The darn, uncontrollable trembling was increasing again. She closed her eyes.

“Yeah, baby?”

“Please don’t do this to me.”

“I have to Dana. It’s too late now. We both have gone way over the line. The line that was drawn, it’s long gone now. We can’t keep hiding the truth from each other.”

He was right. But it had been so long, so long ago, when she even had such thoughts. Her trembling worsened. She started crying yet again. She covered her eyes and mouth with her hand.

“Oh sweetheart,” he said, “don’t cry. I’m right here.”

She wiped her eyes with her fingers. “I know, I’m…I’m trying not to.” She placed her arm below her breasts, and tried to breathe in to relax, and lessen the trembling.

“And you’re shaking more again too.” He leaned closer and gently kissed her on her cheek. Her heart nearly stopped. “Tell you what.” He moved over to her left side, like earlier, and took hold of her and pressed her next to his chest. “I’ll keep telling the story. You just listen. Okay?”

She softly slid her free hand along his shirt, feeling every bump, every bulge of his muscles, until wrapping her arm around to his back. He felt so solid, so strong, so muscular. Her heart was beating far too fast now. “Okay, Evan. I will…I will…just listen…to you.”

With his arm wrapped around her he gently stroked her back a few times, like he did earlier. It felt way too good. “So, where were we? Oh yes. The barn. The window. So anyway, the older girl, well, she looked inside the window. And what did she see? She saw tons and tons of these two-headed sheep! Amazing I tell you.” 

He was breaking her even more. She couldn’t help it. She started laughing, though softly. “No. No, she didn’t.”

“Oh really? What did she see?”

“I…I can’t say, it’s just…it’s just so…”

“Well, that’s all right. I’ll continue with the story. So, anyway, once they found all these two-headed sheep, the older sister, well, she went inside the barn and she stole two of those two-headed sheep. She left the barn, gave one of the two-headed sheep to her younger sister, and took one of the two-headed sheep for herself.”

She couldn’t help but smile at the thought of this but said nothing.

“And when they got home, their parents were so impressed by the two…two-headed sheep, that they forgave them instantly. And as further thanks for these incredible, weird animals, they then got them two pets, a black lab named Chocolate and a black furry cat named Peanut Butter.”

She giggled softly. “You’re silly, you know that?” She nuzzled against him for a moment, still giggling.

He stroked her back even more, pressing a little more firmly. “What? Why, what was so silly about my story?’

“Ummm…” She didn’t know what to say. “I ummm…”

“Tell me baby.”

His voice. So deep, so strong, and dare she think, even sexy. What was he doing to her? “Evan.” Without even consciously instructing herself to do so, she slowly slid her right foot up along the line of his leg. “Please…help me.” She began wrapping her leg completely around both his legs.

In an instance, he rolled over on to her. He moved and ground his body upon her, until he had her legs spread and had planted his dick under his pants right in between her legs. And oh my God, he’s getting a hard-on! He wrapped his arms around her tightly, though one arm supported himself from weighing down on her.

Her breathing increased again, and she couldn’t help but whimper quietly. “No, Evan. What are you doing?”

“Mmmm, sorry baby. I don’t completely trust any of your moves yet. You’re not going anywhere right now, sweetheart.”

She closed her eyes. “I’m not…I’m not going to…to ever…ever try fighting you again.” She was feeling lightheaded, disoriented. She swallowed and tried slowing her breathing, but it wasn’t working.

She felt him lean closer to her. He pressed his lips against her right cheek, giving a sustained, soft, wet kiss, a slight brush of stubble from his shaved skin pressing into her own skin.

She whimpered again. “Evan, no. Please don’t.”

“No, baby, I’m not going to stop. You need to tell me who you really are.”

She opened her eyes, only able to open them halfway. He was directly over her, his face so close, gazing at her with those handsome, dark, bedroom eyes.  She could barely speak. “Evan.”

“Tell me, baby.” His hot breath, a hint of coffee, and mint smelled so damn freaking good.

She closed her eyes. “I just…I just have to…” She attempted to relax and slow her breathing again. She wanted to lift her knees upward, to get more comfortable, but realized this would only bring their bodies even closer together between the legs, and this guy was already raring to go. “I have to…I have to think a moment…” She yet kept her eyes closed. Between trying to slow her breathing, and trying not to feel faint, she replayed in her mind what she knew. His extreme strength. The fact he knew things about her, about Neraeh, and even her past. The only possible answer was something supernatural, beyond explanation. Could it really be true, could he really be here to help her? She opened her eyes. “Evan.”

“What baby, talk to me.”

“You said…you said, the one I switched with…that...that she is helping. But how, Evan, how…is that even possible? How do you even know this?”

He leaned closer until placing a soft, brief kiss to the side of her nose, just above her lips. Damn, him. Everything he was doing was feeling way too good. “I can tell you, baby, but it will be difficult for you to believe.”

She closed her eyes. She wanted so badly just to seize his head and kiss him back, hard, on the lips. But her family. Neraeh. This had to be confirmed. “Please…please, just tell me. I can pretty much believe anything…at this point.”

“I know, baby.” He breathed in deeply and let out a gentle sigh, his breath flowing right into the slight opening of her mouth. It felt so good. “The real Dana, who, I saw, as the real you. She was combined, with this other being, Limati, the name which I heard. Limati, had changed, no longer wanted to be with, shall we say, the dark forces. This being, Limati, wanted to be with light, or white forces, good forces. Does this help you understand?”

She thought a moment, recalling the real Dana. “But…but she wasn’t so nice, Evan.”

“True, at least, not at first. The real Dana was possessed by Limati. But then, Limati learned valuable life lessons, from being the real you, with your family, with your real life. This changed Limati. Does that help?”

“I…I think so, but not sure.”

Evan moved his body to her left side, his motion gentle on her legs, though he had a tight hold of her within his arms. But then he wrapped his leg around her, locking her in even closer to him, her own legs like in a vise grip once more. This guy simply wasn’t about to let her get released from him whatsoever. “Sorry, hon. Repositioning. Don’t want to crush you again.”

She nuzzled against his chest and smiled to herself. “It’s okay, Evan. It was a little hard to breathe.” She gently slipped her arm around his back, like earlier, feeling his strong muscles, holding him closely against herself.

“Are you all right?” He was softly rubbing her back again. “I know you’re shaking a bit less.”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m better.”

“Good. So, let me continue. I’m going to put it another way. Limati works with the angels now. And I can only tell you these things. But as God is my witness, this is the honest truth, from what I know.”

She positioned her head on the pillow until seeing his face. He had his eyes closed but then opened them, revealing the same half-closed, bedroom gaze. She breathed in deeply, some of his breath, that coffee mint scent, filling her lungs. She looked into his eyes. “But how…how could you have seen this thing, this entity, Limati?”

“That is a very legitimate question. And it is a very long, very detailed account, which could take a lot of time to tell. But our time, here, we should be careful, you know. Though we’re getting protection, we still shouldn’t be risking anything. We shouldn’t stay here for long. Please, baby please…” His dark brown eyes were pleading. “Can you just tell me, who you really are?”

“But you must already know.”

He moved himself closer, holding her securely at the same time, until his face was only inches from her gaze. “Okay. So, here’s the thing.” She closed her eyes and listened. “I know you don’t want to tell me, because…they…will hear. But if you understand, and know, in your mind, that I already know who you really are, and you, of course, already know, then how will it matter, if you speak it to me?”

Again, he was correct. They already knew. She closed her eyes. An image of her, and Neraeh, running, to the barn, through the tall grass and between those numerous trees, materialized in her mind. No, please. The trembling and crying were overtaking her again. “Neraeh…my sister, Neraeh.” She released her hand from around his back and covered her face, trying to suppress her faint cries.

“Baby, my dear, she’s fine.” She felt his breath nearer to her hand. He took hold of her hand and gently brought her hand lower. “Don’t cover your face, hon.” He leaned closer and she felt a soft, wet kiss on her forehead. “See, how am I supposed to kiss you then? And besides, Neraeh is dating my best friend, Freddy.”

She sniffled her nose several times and opened her eyes. “What? Freddy?” She recalled the photos on Evan’s Twitter. “The red-headed guy in your band?”

“Yes, correct.” He smiled briefly. “That would be him.”

This had gone on long enough. She gazed into Evan’s eyes. He was staring back, intensely, and she felt his body pressing against her, his breathing picking up pace, like her own quicker breaths. “Great…Great Pyrenees puppies,” she said quietly, her crying suppressed for now. “And Coal. Stormy. And I miss them, so much.”

Evan’s eyes suddenly bore straight into her mind. She could feel it. Fear seeped into her body at the same time. Intense passion, desire burned in his eyes too. This was getting too overwhelming. “And your name?” Those words came as a strong demand.

“Evan, you’re scaring me.”

He moved his body until he was completely over her again, and he lowered his head by the side of her face. “Please…” he whispered into her ear. He locked his arms around her in a warm, soothing manner, at the same time spreading her legs apart until his lower body and legs were pressing against her like earlier. “Please, my beautiful princess, please, tell me, who you really are.”

She swallowed and tried hard to ignore her body’s uncontrollable breathing, the slight, incessant trembling, and her mind’s hesitation. This had to be released, now. This secret within had become too unbearable to hide anymore. Someone needed to know. And if anyone should know, with all his knowledge of her past and current details, it would be Evan. She closed her eyes, drew in a deep breath, and exhaled gently. “I am…Syrrah.”

His breathing rate, his chest rising and falling against her breasts, picked up even more. “Syrrah. Look at me.”

She did. Insane, raw passion now burned in his handsome eyes. Something wasn’t quite right with this guy. And like he said already, now it was too late. “Evan. Please. I don’t know what to do.”

He didn’t respond. He lowered himself and planted his lips hard on her mouth. He then kissed with an intensity she had never felt before, wrapping his arms around her tighter at the same time. Her breathing nearly stopped. She became disoriented. She could only think of one thing. Hold on to him and hope for mercy.

She carefully slinked her hands around him, anywhere or anyway she could, pressing him closer but only by a slight amount. This only encouraged him to kiss her more forcefully. His lips and mouth assaulted her mouth, until he forced his tongue deep inside. She didn’t impede him, allowing him in her mouth however he wanted. But then he began pressing, moving his groin so intensely against the soft area between her legs that he was hurting her. She was too weakened to do anything. She didn’t care anymore. She spread her legs wider, bending her knees up, letting him do so without any hinderance. She could feel the bulge nearly break through from his pants, as he pressed more and more against her.  He continued his passionate assault on her mouth but then slowed his motion between her legs. He shifted his position slightly upwards and to her right, wrapping his arm around her upper back, holding her securely, the thick muscles of his arm so evident. His other hand he slipped under her shirt, entering so roughly he nearly ripped the shirt’s seam. Oh no, I never put a bra on at the hospital! More distress began building within her. She whimpered though her fragile sound came muffled by his forceful kisses, and she felt completely helpless, but was experiencing intense, beautiful pleasure throughout her entire body at the same time. His hand gradually traveled up until he found her breasts, and she feared he would be rough, but he gently caressed her left breast, and then gently touched and caressed her other one. He moaned and kissed her more passionately with every touch and caress. He began moving more again, pressing himself, his hard-on even larger than earlier, over the tender softness between her legs, though he was doing so more gently now.

This was all getting too much though. She trembled and whimpered more and more helplessly beneath him. This man was an animal. She could barely breathe at all now. She began struggling to pull back from his deep kissing.

He sensed her discomfort. He slowly removed his mouth away from her lips, stealing short sucking, wet kisses in his gradual decrease, wrapping his hand by her ribs, but then he dove his mouth down to the left side of her neck. He seized her neck with a powerful grasp of his mouth, pulling the softness of her neck into his mouth, swirling his tongue over her neck’s tender skin, creating deep pleasure with pain that weakened her already helpless body into further submission.

“Mmmm, Evan,” she whimpered, “that feels so good, but I feel…I feel so weak. I can barely…barely breathe.” 

He released her neck. “Syrrah, my love, you are only going to get more weaker, and more breathless,” he said softly into her ear. “I want to fuck you so hard I would probably break your tight little body.”

But she already knew this, and wanted this. “Please, please make love to me. I want you to, I want you to, Evan, so much, please.”

He landed his mouth on her lips again, and kissed her fervently, his tongue boring deep into her mouth. She gave up on keeping her eyes open, closing them instead, unable to even try to see anything now, feeling even more lightheaded and weaker. He slid the palm of his hand down along her left side, until slipping his hand under her leggings. Within her pants he smoothed his hand around her hips until he was able to reach and grab a handful of her butt cheek, though he didn’t do so roughly. His manner seemed more tender now, though still aggressive, unstoppable. He removed his hand from there, and slowly moved his fingertips, smooth yet a bit abrasive, across her skin until slipping under the elastic on her panties. He held her closely around her upper back and shifted his body to her right side again, his leg seizing hold of her right leg, spreading her legs apart even more than she had done herself. She whimpered, knowing what was coming next. He continued his passionate kissing, and he gently began searching his fingers into her soft wetness, feeling, separating, until entering within her. No, no, this feels way too good. She moaned, and whimpered even more, becoming weaker, just as this beast of a guy said she would, sinking back into his arm and pillow under her head, unable to resist anything he was doing. He seemed to sense her intensifying submission and held her tighter, kissing her more erotically, and inserting and moving more of his fingers deep inside her. He moaned and thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth.

But then with his moans, he spoke a muffled ‘no’, or ‘damn’, at the same time. He slowly removed his fingers from inside her, until keeping his hand gently pressed against her labia area, yet still within her underpants. He lessened his intense kissing, removing his tongue, until finally lifting his mouth from hers. She inhaled and opened her eyes halfway, unable to give him anything other but a bedroom-eyed gaze. His handsome, rugged face was still so close, his hot, coffee-mint breath soothingly heating and comforting her face. She looked to his eyes, searching for an answer, yet he had only the same passionate, half-open gaze as her. “Evan, what’s wrong, baby?” Her words could only flow out as a soft, breathless whisper. “Why did you stop?”

“I don’t want to stop, not ever, my beautiful angel. But, I have to.”

She furrowed her brows and gazed on his lips, but then looked into his dark brown, oh so sexy eyes. “Why? I said you could. I want you to.”

He sighed softly. “Because, as part of protecting you, and your family, I was warned I must stay pure, refrain from sexual impulses. But…well, I honestly got so caught up in my beautiful princess…my memory, the extreme passion…I’m sorry. I definitely didn’t mean to do this.” 

“Oh, Evan,” she whispered, “you don’t have to be sorry about anything.” His words struck her as odd, even unbelievable, but her entire being was so entangled in the moment with him she couldn’t interpret their meaning. She then slowly, carefully, aware that he still didn’t trust her completely, slid her hand down along his abdomen, lower and lower, until feeling over the bulge in his pants. She felt slight wetness there. She softly stroked her hand over him. “Evan, baby. You want me to take care of you?”

He reached down and gently, though firmly took hold of her hand. He brought her hand up until near his face. He closed his eyes and kissed her hand. “No, sweetheart, it’s all right.” He gazed into her eyes. “You’ll just get me revved up again. Besides, I already sort of lost control as it is.”

She knew what he meant and didn’t care, feeling even more flattered than she already felt by his passionate desire for her. She held his hand, with a soft, gentle grasp, and drew his hand to her lips, kissing his hand similarly. “It’s okay, baby.”

“I’m just going to have to settle for holding you close right now.” He gave her a kiss on her cheek, and then moved himself over, helping to reposition her legs at the same time, until he was lying on her left side, next to her. He wrapped her up in his arms and drew her to his chest.

She nuzzled closer to him, wrapping her arms around him, never wanting him to let her go.

Because, she knew, deep down, the harsh truth could not be ignored.

Tears began filling her eyes, but she sniffled, and drew in a deep breath, closed her eyes tightly, making the tears stop.

“Baby, you all right?”

She removed her hand and gently wiped her eyes, her nose. “Yes. I’m all right. But…but can you call me Syrrah, again? I just want to hear you say it.”

“Of course, baby…my Syrrah.” He kissed her on her forehead. “My dear Syrrah.”

She sighed and hugged him close. “Thank you, Evan, so much.”

“Of course, hon.”

“And Evan, I’m so very sorry, that I cut your neck.”

“That’s all right. I know you have been under terrible stress and fear for so long. It’s totally understandable.”

“But I never should have done that to you.” She moved back until she could see his neck. But what she observed was hard to believe. “Wow. The cut stopped bleeding, although there is blood drying around it.” She lifted her hand, reaching out with her fingers to touch the cut, and he didn’t try to stop her. He must trust me better now. She gently dabbed along the line of the cut. “Yeah, I don’t see, or feel any bleeding now. And it looks like it’s closing up already.”

Evan did the same, touching along the line of the cut. “You’re right. And it barely hurts.” He looked at his fingers. “No new blood anymore. Weird.”

“From those helping you?”

“I don’t know. I guess.” 

“I’m just glad it seems to be fine, your cut.” A memory from earlier in the day crossed through her mind. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, baby.”

“Why did you tell Hal, that you know where you’re going, but does he? Something like that.”

“Well…long story. Let’s just say, that…one of the reasons I couldn’t control myself with you, I mean, seriously, you were so close to me having my way with you…by someone who cares so much for you, though, would have been all pleasure, baby…”

She smiled and re-tightened her embrace around him. “Mmm, and I would have loved it.”

“Me too, baby, more than you could imagine. But…I’ve known about you, Syrrah, since I was twelve years old, and, in fact, saw you, well, the real body of you, for the first time, when I was just eleven.” 

She moved her head back so she could see him. “How is that possible?”

“My mom. My dad was driving her to the Mayo clinic, for cancer treatment. I was looking out the window. This Jeep Grand Cherokee raced by, with a teenage girl inside. Got just a glimpse. But, as I found out later, reading the news report, it was definitely the real you, your body, I mean, racing into that bridge, for that fatal crash, possibly a suicide crash.”

She wasn’t sure what she had just heard. The words didn’t sound real. “Suicide? Fatal crash?” Her heart rate and breathing increased uncontrollably. “What are you…what are you talking about?”

His expression became serious, concerned. “You don’t know?”

“No. No, I don’t.”

“Dana, and or, Limati, I’m not sure, as you, Syrrah, crashed the jeep into the underpass column, killing herself instantly.”

She swallowed and turned away from him, staring towards the ceiling. “My two-thousand Jeep Grand Cherokee, that black jeep that I only had for a year. And then…maybe deliberately crashed it? No…no, that can’t be.”

“Syrrah, how could you not have known?”

Tears arose in her eyes and she couldn’t stop them this time. She looked back at him anyway. “Because I was told, I could not think about or contact them, or have anything to do with her, Syrrah, my own body, ever again, or risk Neraeh, my mom, and my dad being killed…and, they would take me, do something to me. So I never, ever researched anything at all about what she was doing, or what happened to her.”

“Oh, Syrrah, I’m so sorry.” He wrapped her up tightly in his arms, bringing her near his chest again. “Let me just hold you, sweetheart.”

She felt numb, and in shock, but she didn’t stop him from drawing her closer. “It’s so terribly wrong what they did to me, Evan. They’re just pure evil.”

“I know, hon, more than you could ever realize.”

“I guess…I guess that throws away any chance…however remote…I’ll ever have of returning to my former self again.”

“Oh, baby,” he said, gently stroking along her back up and down, bringing comfort, though mixed with a prickling, disrupting anguish spreading throughout her body. “We will work this out, you will see. I promise you, baby.”

“Don’t know how…but, okay.”

He continued stroking her gently, yet firmly, keeping her close to his chest. “Can I ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind?”

“What sort of questions?”

“About what happened, what they did.”

She thought a moment. Recalling that horror couldn’t be any worse than what she was feeling now. “Yeah, I guess it’s okay.”

“Can you just sort of tell me what happened? Neraeh said you went into the trailer part of a semi.”

“Worst mistake of my life.” She sighed. “Don’t really want to talk about the struggle, the fighting to get away…but, they eventually strapped me down, so I couldn’t move. Did the same to Dana. And then, about the time they were going to switch us, Dana backed out. But this thing, this ethereal being, floated out of her, somehow, like a ghost of her, and…I don’t know, made the entire switch happen anyway.” 

“Yeah, that must have been Limati. Do you recall who else was there?”

“Well, Lloyd of course, that monster. And Carter. And some other people too. I think, if I recall right, some guy filming it, and handling some technical side of things, like the tech roadies. I think his name was Enias. And then some military people. Someone named General…General Tauring, and maybe, some guy named Eiken, I think.”

Evan released his hold on her and moved back a few inches, until he could stare into her eyes. “Seriously? General Tauring? Major Eiken?”

“Really? You know them?”

“Oh, yeah. I do.”

She gave him a sideways, squinted look. “Okay. Now my turn to play guess the details game. What did they look like?”

“I’ll never forget. Saw Tauring plenty of times. Tall. Blond hair. Ugly bastard. Nasty, rude. And Major Eiken. Black dude. Nice, I thought, at first, but obviously not really.”

“Wow, correct, that’s what they looked like.” She stared at him a moment. “I can’t believe we both dealt with these people. You know, there were aliens too, a few of those greys.”

“I believe it. I’ve seen aliens too, but far more kinds than just the greys.”


“They’re not all bad, Syrrah. Some good, some not so good, just like humans.”

“I saw, and felt, the bad ones, and still have felt them even recently in my mind.” She shuddered. “Don’t…I don’t want to remember. I mean, how could anyone or anything, transfer an entire person’s soul into someone else? That’s why I knew, I had to listen to what they wanted.”

“I know, it’s insane. I’m sorry all this happened to you. But besides telling you not to research the life of your own former self, what more did they want?” 

“After I was transferred to this body, Lloyd demanded that I had to accept a lot of Dana’s personality, was required, I had to, or else, but I could keep some of my own personality, as Syrrah, but only keep it subtle, not overt. Lloyd had ended contracts with a lot of the dancers, backup singers, and other staff before the transfer, so those people were gone, wouldn’t have noticed.” 

“Why, though, Syrrah? Why would a father do this?”

“Reasons, there are reasons. For one, the second thing I recalled, after noticing how much taller I stood, was the pain in this body. Everywhere. It was bad. I’m somewhat better now, but not by much.”

“I’m so sorry, baby.”

“It’s okay, Evan. You just deal with it. But, Lloyd said, over time, he wanted me to be nicer, let more of me, as Syrrah, show through. Dana wasn’t so nice, something like that. I had some of her memories, but not others. Knew the songs. Could access and perform her stage presence. But, the other reasons, besides the illness. There’s a deep, dark secret. I’m not supposed to have access to this secret, but I’ve been gathering more of it, especially since you’ve been around.”

“Really. Interesting. What is the secret?”

“I…I’m not so sure yet. I’ll let you know, when I can.” He didn’t need to know more than that. “But, it has something to do with Lloyd. He’s not a good person, far from it.”

“Well, yeah. Goes without saying.”

“It does. You could see it on his face, how giddy he was about doing all of this, how it impressed him, how hi-tech and amazing it was, to work with aliens and all their weird crap.” 

“I know this is a rather dumb question, but did you ever think of going to the police, or any authorities?”

“The perfect crime, the perfect criminals, they are. There was nothing I could do, because they would harm my family, and then harm me. And they can’t be stopped, because they’re too powerful, Evan.”

“I understand, Syrrah. It’s all right.” He sighed. “You know, what you asked me, earlier. About Hal. See, I was raised, as a Christian. My dad, my mom, we went to church.”

“Really? Me too.”

He smiled at her. “I know. Neraeh told me. But that’s why, I have faith, I know where I would go, when I die.”

She shook her head. “I…lost my faith. How could…how could God allow this to happen to me, Evan? How could there be aliens, too? All of this?”

He embraced her against his chest again. “Same thing occurred to me, when it all happened.”

“What all happened, Evan?”

“I can tell you, eventually, but I want to discuss something else right now. One of the two men helping us, Art, who was also negatively affected by Tauring, well Art has a cousin, Felicia, age twenty-two. But she had something bad happen to her, and wants to, well, have someone switch with her, and then eventually take over completely. And Art, he has worked with aliens, or EBEs as he refers to them, and knows their technology, and can do some amazing stuff. He could transfer you into her, instead of being in Dana anymore.”

This sounded too extraordinary to believe. She moved back some, and he released her. She positioned herself higher on the pillow and gazed into his handsome face. “You mean, this girl Felicia wants someone to take over completely, so she no longer exists?”

“Yes, as strange as it sounds, I believe that is the truth. It would only be you, in her mind and body.”

“Oh, God, Evan. Then I might eventually pull out the terrible thing that happened to her, and end up just a wreck as she is. That’s the problem with these awful personality transfers, at least in my experience. When you’re in someone else’s mind, you might be able to access all of their mind, even with these so-called blocks they tried to do. And this girl Felicia really wants this?”

“Yes, she does. I talked to her. Freddy and Neraeh did too, we all did.”

“Wow. You guys were really serious about trying to help me, I see.”

“Yes, of course, hon.”

She closed her eyes and thought a moment. She looked at him and slowly shook her head. “No. I wouldn’t want to do this. And besides, what would happen to Dana’s body?”

“I’m not sure, but those responsible for Dana will have to deal with that. They did this crime to you, against your will, so it’s their problem. I wouldn’t give one nanosecond’s worth of concern for the real Dana, Syrrah, not after what they did.”

She stared up at the ceiling. “Yeah, but, I’ve lived this woman’s life for so long. She may not have been the best person, but I don’t think she really wanted this too. She’s a victim like me. None of this is right.” She gazed into his eyes. “So, just out of curiosity, what does Felicia look like?”

“She’s pretty. I could show you a photo, on my phone.” He was quiet a moment, and smiled. “My phone, that brought us to where we are right now.”

“It’s still in the bathroom. I left it there. I’ve seen you enter your access code plenty of times, so was easy.”

“Yeah, I figured that much.” 

She paused a moment, trying to fathom how she went from believing Evan so evil to where they resided now, on this bed, together. Pure crazy. As was this Felicia thing. “Just forget it, Evan. I don’t want to do it.”

“Even if you’re helping Felicia, because she really wants this?”

“No. She may think she wants this now, but what if she changes her mind? Then it would be like two of us in one body at the same time.” She shuddered, even feeling chilled. She turned and nuzzled against his chest again. “Can you, please, just hold me close now?”

“Oh, of course, Syrrah. Anything you want, hon.” He wrapped his arms around her and drew her tightly to him.

His tight, warm embrace felt so damn good. She breathed in deeply again, and then exhaled slowly, until soothing her body to some degree. “I just want to rest right now. Rather tired.” 

“Me too. Maybe we should take a nap together.”

“Mmm, I would really love that.”

“Your wish is my command, baby.”

She wrapped her arms around him too. “Thank you, my dear Evan.”

“Of course, baby, anything for you.”

His heart, his soul, was so kind, so caring. She closed her eyes and remained near him, trying to keep her thoughts only of him.