The Sequels to Syrrah's Game SGSequels

chapter 59

Wednesday, September 27th, 5:50 PM

Grand Marais, MN

Syrrah visually took in all that was before her and Evan. The light was on in the hallway now, illuminating bronze-colored mahogany panels in diagonal placement lining the walls, similar to the interior of the elevator. But her attention quickly focused about six feet ahead, on Dad. And then Tate. Dr. K, Art, Freddy and even Evan’s dad, Lang, stood nearby too.

Tate didn’t look happy at all; he had his arms tightly crossed over his chest.

Dr. K stepped closer, his eyes on Syrrah. “Your father was worried. You should have told us you would be up here, with Evan.”

“I’m sorry, but I just had to see him.” She leaned against Evan, and he without hesitation wrapped his arm around her, keeping her close. “We can go downstairs now.”

“Syrrah, why are you doing this?” Dad asked. “And right in front of Tate?”

Disturbing, unforeseen aggravation suddenly arose within her. How dare he ask this. “Because…because I don’t want to be with Tate.”

Tate walked nearer to her and Evan. “And why is that, Syrrah?”

Evan gently patted his hand on her arm for a moment. “Go on, baby,” he said softly, “tell him. He needs to know.”

She directed her eyes on Tate. “Because Evan and I are getting married.”

“What?” Dad said, his tone irritated.

“Evan,” Lang said, “really? You need to consult with your mom and I before suggesting such a thing, to this young woman.”

Tate untwined his crossed arms, made fists, and began power walking toward Evan. But Dr. K stepped in between them, blocking Tate, though not enough to block his face. Rage was in Tate’s eyes. She had never seen him like this before. At the same time, Evan moved her with his arm, so she stood behind him more, though she could yet see most of them. 

“Syrrah. WE were supposed to get married,” Tate spoke forcefully, his arms tense, his hands intermittently forming fists. “You will regret doing this, you’ll see. You know nothing about this low-life jackass.” 

“She made her decision,” Evan told him calmly. “And it is not you. Get over yourself.”

“Now look here, Evan,” Dad said. “She couldn’t possibly be in her right mind now. She was in love with Tate and has always been in love with Tate. Syrrah and I talked, I know this.” 

She wrapped her arms around Evan and stared at Dad. “This man set out to save my life, Dad, when no one else could, or even cared. Tate didn’t, okay?”

“Man? He’s an eighteen-year-old boy,” Dad said. “You only think he’s a man because of his size!”

“And I’m eighteen too, now.” She looked at Tate. “I’m sorry, Tate, but I don’t want to be with you anymore.” She thought for a moment, and though, yes, she still had feelings for him, this had to end. “And I don’t love you anymore.”

“Please, Syrrah.” Tate’s mannerisms were now more relaxed, his hands no longer clenching into fists. “Listen to me.” He stepped slightly to the side of Dr. K, bettering the view between them. “I never stopped loving you. After your accident, and you died, who I thought was you who died, I died too, inside. I could barely eat, barely sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I tried…I tried to date other women, to hopefully erase you from my mind, but no matter who I met, who I dated, they never, ever were you, Syrrah.” Sadly, tears were now filling his eyes. But agitation soon swept across his face, and he angrily shook his head once, driving the tearfulness away, blinking his eyes hard several times. “I came to visit your parents, and Neraeh, as often as I could, and I’ve been doing this for many years now, Syrrah.”

“And it’s true,” Dad said. “Almost every weekend, while he was an undergrad. It has been less, for medical school, but he’s been so busy. He’s studying to be a doctor, for crying out loud, Syrrah. And what’s Evan’s great academic accomplishment?”

She stared at Dad a moment, his question not really processing, and then looked back at Tate. “But you didn’t…you didn’t come to find me. I wasn’t dead, Tate. I was still alive, all this time, living in someone else’s body!” 

Tate scrunched his eyebrows together. “And how in the hell was I supposed to know this, Syrrah?”

“How could any of us have known this?” Dad asked. “Couldn’t you have somehow told someone, anyone?”

“No! She could not,” Evan said. “And she didn’t tell anyone, to save you, Beverly and Neraeh. And even you, Tate, to save your sorry ass. She protected all of you by not telling, because she had no choice.”

“Or, she was just thoroughly enjoying being Dana Zypher,” Tate said, not really with sarcasm, but in his usual direct, honest tone, like she recalled times before. “I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said. “Dana was someone tortured by pain, almost continuously. Pain that I experienced.”

“Yes, yes, you already told us that,” Tate said. “But Dana Zypher? You expect us to believe this, I mean, really? She is, excuse me, was, very wealthy. A celebrity, famous. Always performing.”

“Because when she was onstage, it was the only time she was truly happy,” she said. “The pain wasn’t so bad.” 

“Like I told your dad, I find it hard to believe, with all the medical advancements to treat fibromyalgia, her well-paid doctor wasn’t able to prescribe adequate pain relievers?”

Uncontrollable trembling seeped into every part of Syrrah’s body. Evan held her closer, and repeatedly, softly told her it would be all right, Syrrah, it will be all right. She stared dead on again at Tate. “Because…you don’t believe me, only tells me, even more, I made the right decision.”

Tate shook his head a moment, and chuckled. “Yeah, yeah I guess you did.” He began nodding a very slight amount and slowly stepped backwards. “He’s really brainwashed you, huh Syrrah.” He laughed out loud, looked at Evan, but then settled a disgusted face toward her. “Whatever. What was I thinking anyway? Why would I want to be with some interdimensional alien freakshow?”

“Now Tate, you hold your tongue,” Dad said. “That was not appropriate!”

Syrrah felt Evan clench a fist, but then relax his hand.

“Hanson,” Tate said, “you…you don’t even know if she IS your daughter.” He glared at Evan. “And him. And the rest of those so-called hull people. All a bunch of freakshows, just like her.” He pointed at Evan. “You are on my radar. You haven’t seen the last of me, shitface.”

“Really?” Evan said. “A threat? I thought you were all about saving people.”

“Yeah, I am. Saving people from the likes of you!”

“And so am I, saving Syrrah from the likes of you!”

Tate walked backwards a few more steps, until stopping. He turned to the wall and landed a sudden, explosive punch, smashing a large hole. He yanked his fist out of the shattered edges and grabbed his hand, obviously in pain.

“All right, all right that’s enough,” Dr. K said, stepping over to Tate, taking him by the shoulders. “And your hand is bleeding. Let’s take you downstairs.”

Art followed Dr. K, and the three of them entered the elevator. The doors slid close and they were gone.

This trembling, I need to stop it! She noticed her breathing was heavier, maybe in an attempt to suppress it. She just kept clinging to Evan, and he to her. And how could Dad be so cold about this? He still doesn’t believe I’m really his daughter! And, unfortunately, she couldn’t disagree.

“It’s all right, Syrrah,” Evan said, smoothing his hand along her arm, yet holding her closely. “Things will be all right, you’ll see.”

“Thank you, Evan, really.”

“It’s okay, hon. Anything for you.”

Evan’s father, Lang, was talking quietly with Dad, but Freddy didn’t mingle with them. He approached Evan instead.

“Hey, dude. I’m really sorry about all that.”

“It’s all right, Fred. I understand his frustration, but he wasn’t the one with her all these past weeks, and he didn’t experience what I witnessed. A woman suffering, terribly.”

“Now look,” Dad said, abruptly appearing in front of Evan. “Tate is a good man. A good man. He’s upset, that is all. And there is no way on earth he could have known all of this, about what happened to Syrrah.”

Evan nodded. “I understand, Hanson, I do.”

Lang approached them. “I think we better go back downstairs. Remember. Syrrah shouldn’t be up here now. I heard Art and Doctor K say they’re taking Tate back home right away, so he won’t be downstairs when we arrive.”

“Yes, you’re right Dad,” Evan said. “Would you like me to carry you, hon?”

She looked up at him. “No. I think I’m okay. Only if I need help.”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and guided her, with Freddy walking nearby, and when the elevator car returned, in less than a minute, they walked in.

She stood next to Evan’s right side, his arm still wrapped around her, along with Freddy on her other side. Across from them in the small elevator Lang stood opposite Evan and Dad opposite Freddy.

“You know, Syrrah,” Dad said, “I appreciate that you didn’t want to tell anyone, because you worried we could get hurt, but that just doesn’t seem realistic to me.”

“That’s because you don’t understand the power behind the entities responsible for transferring Syrrah into another person’s body, Hanson.” Evan spoke before she could even think about answering Dad. “Whoever, whatever has the capability to do such a thing, could have other far more dangerous abilities as well.”

“I see. Oh, and by the way,” Dad said to Evan, “I would appreciate it if you call me Mr. Van Meir. I don’t think we are on friendship-level terms, certainly not yet.”

“Dad,” she said, “why are you being like this? You let Tate call you by your first name.”

“No, it’s okay, Syrrah. I apologize, Mr. Van Meir. I won’t call you that again. I’m sorry.” 

“Apology accepted.” Dad sighed and shook his head. He placed his hands on his hips and stared at the floor. He raised his head and his eyes focused on Evan. “As a Christian, this is not something we are supposed to mingle in.”

“What are you saying, Dad?” The feeling in her eyes, her throat; she was on the verge of crying again. This was all getting too much. “You still don’t believe I’m here now, that this is really me, even after all the time we spent together downstairs, and with Mommy?”

“I’m sorry, but Tate made a good point,” Dad answered. “I really don’t know who, or what, you are now.”  

“Well, that’s a heck of a thing to say to your own daughter,” Evan said. “Wow.”

“Hanson,” Lang said to Dad. “As we discussed earlier, the Bible is only one part of the entire narrative. There are other parts that we don’t fully know about yet. And that is what we encountered now, with Syrrah returning as she did. You can’t just block this all out, and expect it to disappear, whether the Bible says to avoid it or not. We were transported here, to Doctor K’s home, by unknown means. And Syrrah, is before us now, also by unknown means. Things we cannot explain, but they happened.” Lang looked at Evan. “But, that said, I am concerned with your involvement in all of this.”

Evan clung tighter to her, and she in turn held on tighter to him. “You know what the Savior said. Limati was supposed to fix this. Limati was there, became Dana, and Syrrah is here now. Don’t you see?”

“I don’t know,” Lang said, shaking his head a bit. “I just don’t know, for sure. What if Limati, the angel beings, the Savior you think you witnessed were all just replicas or mirages or false entities? How do you even know?”

“Well, here’s the deal,” Evan said with forceful emphasis. “I know Syrrah is real, I know she is here, now, with me, and I know I will stay with her, I’m not leaving her, regardless of what either of you think. And you, Mr. Van Meir, just have a problem with me, personally, because you seem to have no problem with Tate getting together with Syrrah.” 

“Evan, now that’s enough,” Lang said. “I understand Hanson’s position. Do you realize Heidi has visited several times, asking about you? She misses you, Evan.”

“Yeah, the girl who told me she hated me. And now dates some other Bison dude. No thanks, Dad. Done with her.” 

“What did you do to her,” Lang asked, “to get her to that point?”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now, okay?”

“Yes, of course. And we need to find out the results of the DNA test, on Syrrah’s hair,” Lang said. “Hopefully that answers some of our unknowns.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Evan said. “I know the truth. And it appears it just hasn’t caught up with the two of you guys yet.”

Syrrah closed her eyes and continued to hold on to him tightly, and could not believe that she finally had someone, a man, a friend, who supported her so intensely, and sincerely, even when she felt she really didn’t deserve it.